Ephemeral Edge: Woven Wood










屋根も壁も透けていてどこからでも中の様子をうかがえるが、出入り口はアプローチの一番奥に設け、既存建物との利用のしやすさを配慮した。建物の周囲にも床を延長し、空間が周囲に広がり連続していくことで、内部だけに留まらない開放的な利用が可能である。 昼間には壁や屋根が落とす影は織物の延長となり、夜には床に埋め込まれた照明が新たな線をダイナミックに描き、このパビリオンを闇に浮かび上がらせる。


This pavilion consists of very thin wooden pieces which overlay on of top of another. It is like wooden weave. Five planes -four walls and a roof- builds up a box, and three dimensional weave emerges. This overlaid wooden textile gives diverse expressions by distance and angle, and its figure is ephemeral, not easily captured or traced.


The boundary of the space is certainly visible, however unifies interior and exterior space. Its transparency absorbs the surroundings such as the trees and canal, also creates sharp contrast with the existing buildings.


The long elevation along the canal succeeds to vividly spread activities in this facility to the neighborhood across the canal.


Every plane is made of three layers. Each wooden piece is thin, light and supple, however by making three layers and fixing crossing points, plane could be tough enough to be walls and roof. Also patterns could have many variations by changing a size of bundle and space between pieces.


As all the plane hold certain transparency, people can see inside from anywhere, however the entrance is located in front of the existing building for simultaneous use of these two buildings.


The new floor is extended out from the pavilion, so that the space flows outward spaciously. During the day, shadows of the walls and roof weave another feature of fabric on the floor, and at night, inlayed lights on the floor draw dynamic lines and float the wooden weave in the dark.


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